Smart Marketers Don't Just Find Traffic - They Approach Their Prospects At The Best Timing That'll Convert

Getting visitors to offer is easy, but without the right people at the right moment... nothing happen

We've done all the hard work... researching and purify the prospects for you so you can focus on growing your business

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What are Solo ads?

Solo ads are a brand new Pay Per Click traffic source tap into the business only marketplace, email inbox. 

It is different from other intentionally over complicated self-serving PPC networks such as 

Facebook Ads and Google Adwords in 3 significant ways..

Timing Base Targeting

Imagine, if prospects interest in certain topic is a scale from 0 to 10.

0, they don't care. 10, they're highly interest and possibly will buy.  

Here comes a million dollar question, how to get the people near 10?

With our action base target, unlike traditional PPC ads target base on keyword, GEO... etc.

We can easily find the right people at the right timing to customize for your offer!

Go Direct To The Room Where It Happens

Another reason why solo ads is the secret traffic sauce for most of the result-driven top marketers is competition - Solo ads have none.


Solo ad is a sequence of direct mails, we send your offer direct to where the transactions, receipt receiving, offer hunting...etc. happen to the majority, email inbox

instead of on places where people escape their reality from, just go direct to the room where everything happens

1-on-1 Responsive Ad Network

Traditional pay per clicks is not just slow but also technical 

thousands tasks in your plate, yet placing ads is like a profession to master, all the how to use their ads, optimize it or even the most basic, what does each button is for take time and money to learn

Nothing like that with The Great Oz Solo Ads. We want you to get FAST RESULTS. We consult you finding out are we a good fit, if yes, we take care of everything, if not, then we introduce you to others

From Being Scammed To Starting a Legit Service

If you ever worked a lot researched a lot tried to get customers online,

you know it's hard, free method is a grind paid method is a rabbit hole...

If you see yourself kinda want to nod your head now, Hi this is Oz,

we share the same experience, and it is stressful...

Yes, making money online is much easier than the local business like we don't need a huge fund upfront to build a shop to profit...

But let's not sugar coat it, it's not really that easy right?

All the SEO, ranking, content creation is complicated and time consuming social media ads take fortune...

Making money online is a wild wild west, The Great Oz Solo Ads is built base on my got scammed, trial and error experience, 

with a simple thought " we can do better"

Look, what we're all looking for is just an easier life, maybe able to decide what to eat tomorrow, able to take kids to Disney land, just some simple stuff, right?

We've solve our traffic headache, Now is your turn to get rid it once and for all!

Hungry Prospects

To them it's no longer " why making money online?" or" Is this really for me?" It's about " what works for me?" and " when can I start it?"

Cherry-picked Leads

We hand picked our best prospects... depends on their timing, how ripen they are in their online journey which translate to higher conversion and more profits for you.

Fast Deliver

Fast deliver is set up to a disaster! Unlike other business, we rather take time to find the best fit for you. Cause after all, opt-in and profits are what's necessary.

10% Over Deliver

We insist to over deliver our traffic cause we value the trust from our tribe and also understand they come to us mean they need support.

0 bot/ fraudulent clicks

You get 0 bot/ fraudulent click or we refill you, that's the deal. The Great Oz Solo Ads is built base on my got scammed experience. I'm tired of it. 

Risk Free Guarantee

Shameful to say... Some people's clicks are literally like hoax... We guarantee you real  clicks, you can easily tell that by conversion rate, cause conversion rate never lie.

We value honesty and transparency

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Customers End

Our End ( Dream Workshop is my education brand )

How are we able to pick up the right prospects for you?

After tons of experience we spent years to analysis our backend data and segment our leads base on their footprint in their journey, interest, activity, where do they come from... etc. 

It allows us to be the best match maker, able to cherry pick the right prospects at the right moment in their journey for you.

Also to maintain the quality for our existing customers, we value their trust and relationship, we're strict on balance our list size and our customer numbers...

*** We only work with a limit amount of clients to maintain our list quality so our existing clients enjoy the best possible desire result, 

therefore we have to cherry pick our clients ***

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how soon will my traffic start deliver after we agree to work together? Will the size of my order affect my deliver order?

We deliver traffic basis on first come first serve basis, the size of the order doesn't matter. Which means the longer you dilly-dally, the longer the waiting line will be for you. If you're facing a deadline or any kind of time limited you can reach the support:

Are there any guarantee?

We guarantee to track and analysis your traffic and hand it to you by video telling you what's happening in the campaign. For details click here. Don't even need to mention we also guarantee no bot/fraudulent traffic, our business built basis on my hoax traffic hate, so all your spent will be on point

Want more information, who can I contact?

Contact us: for the first hand info.

Do I need to provide email swipe?

If you love to you can, we guarantee to take a look, but not guarantee to use it cause at the end of the day giving you the best experience you can enjoy is what our priority 

What niche offer can I advertise with you

Now we're specific serving in Internet Marketing, Make Money Online, MLM and Business Opportunity markets, and we're not planning on doing others just for now

How much the percentage your traffic is from tier-1 country?

Normally we guarantee 90% tier-1 English speaker traffic, but as you can see from the report (click here) It goes above 90% in most of the cases. Cause we want your testimonial more than your money

I know I need traffic, but I'm not sure how can I use your traffic effectively

Everyone has these time, don't have much information but still need some income flow in, we can fully appreciate that. Contact us: and let us give you more information